“Whatever makes your heart bliss…


…just say, “YES!” to that.”

- [LOVE]


Love is not a transaction. Love is a beautiful thing that happens within you. It may find expression outside, but it is something that can happen only within. Love is an experience for you.
— [Sadguru]

“Love never gives up, never loses faith, always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.”

- [1 Corinthians 13:7]

Remembering the best and the worst humanity has to offer helps keep me in check and allows me to find compassion for what we are all capable of. When I see fellow neighbors behave poorly, may I return the focus to my life and within this awareness, may this reminder grant a renewal in a commitment to be a more conscious loving being. 

Let me only see love through my eyes. Let me see myself and others through the eyes of the angels with unconditional love and acceptance, and let the love I carry within mine reignite love in others. Let me joyfully serve solely to inspire, to lift the world, and to champion Your vital causes. Keep me swimming in Your constant stream of bliss that feeds me everything I need. Keep my loving gaze on service in every situation and in all I do. Steady my entire presence, let me stay in this stream of giving and receiving without concerns of what I will receive or of how others will receive me. Give me the words that builds love both in the world and in myself. Let me be an excellent communicator instrumental to the state of harmony between all encounters and experiences and though I may not always have confidence in myself, may my confidence in You be enough.

Love, let the first thing that prospers be inside of me and as I go deep living life from truth within, may this innate beauty manifest outward. I see the future in your eyes and am swept away in bliss, buoy my faith upon white clouds of wings, let my voice be Your heart and Your eyes be the love that sees the pouring wake of life's mystery.

In Heart Bliss Service,

Novum LL Bliss

“Live love yourself and your goodness will inspire all your loved ones.” - [Paramahansa Yogananda]



“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” - [Winston Churchill]

We come across inspirational imprints as we go about our daily lives and sometimes our wires can get crossed as we try to comprehend and apply this into the relationships we have with ourselves and with the ones we live and love. There is nothing to change or improve in our energy. No one has to change for another in order to feel love because we ourselves are love. We are not here to force change, change itself is constant with its own perfect, natural flowing cycle. We are not here to try to change another because there is nothing to fix. No one is broken. We are simply here to be, to be love, and to grow from love. To experience life with all our challenges and lessons together, learning to accept people for who they are and what they do, not for what they say and what we wish them to be. In doing so, we also grant ourselves permission to be honest with ourselves about the hard stuff we want to deny or the blind spots we have yet to heed.

We are heaven on earth, spirit and nature in synergy. Our Mother’s back is the sturdy terrain beneath our feet. We came to this Earth to use the God-given energy we already possess to assist, benefit, and contribute our part in the human experience and to our planet; the goldilocks zone that flourishes the star dust of our souls. We are here to embrace one another's varying growing pains of love, joy, loss, and heartache as we engage in the rollercoaster ride of humanity - to witness each other’s mystery, the stories that paint the picture of our lives as we each investigate the long, finite process of our undertaking as souls experiencing a human existence.

We are co-creators of Creation itself - to be free in every moment, letting everything gestate into its own being in complete awareness of our higher self and in balance with the contrasting energies all around us. Our role is to challenge our perception, to see another's perspective by letting everyone be as they are in every stage of their life, each playing a part, teaching valuable lessons, transitioning and transforming based on personal rhythms of turning points and cycles. We are here to be human, to be ourselves - recovering and healing our innocence, awakening to our truth in every stage of personal growth in order to remember that we are not separate from God, our Source, the Cosmic Heart of All That Is.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.” - [Serenity Prayer].

Challenges exist for you. We each are given the opportunity to learn. We have the freedom to practice our blind or divine will which in turn decides what we experience - experiences that put to test the strength of our resolve. You deserve the opportunity to believe you have it in you to rise above perceived barriers and burdens in order to realize you are stronger than you can possibly know - and so do the ones that come and go in the unavoidable changing seasons of our spontaneous creation. The mind and physical body can either stagnate in the trial and error of human nature or segue in this constant flux of passionate tides as we awaken and romance the scenery of our astonishing design. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. It matters not who you are, where you are from, what you did or did not do. We each possess opposing qualities and every aspect of our self is a treasure that serves a purpose.

In a day we are all given the same amount of minutes. Time is the most valuable resource we have. Why waste time sensitive minds and bodies worrying about meaningless pursuits, temporary highs, and situations or personalities out of our control? I mean, go on and freak out! Let yourself be human and freak-the-fuck-out, but do not give in to overthinking and worry… let the emotions flow then evaporate. Relax. Let it go and then, let it go some more. Let go enough to open your arms to let what is meant-to-be, BE. Life is simply taking us where life needs to go, it can take care of its mysteries and all the things we cannot change. And while nature changes like the beat of fire swept by the wind, God is infallible, you cannot change your soul and you cannot change another’s… neither will worrying change the outcome so, no need to worry. Let go of assuming responsibility for “change” outside of yourself because the only real responsibility you have is to your well-being. God’s love is absolute. Have trust the same Source that keeps all the “stuff” circling in space has a plan beyond the rational mind. There is no challenge insurmountable for such a powerful Force, a loving force that wants to help grant the serenity we seek and there is nothing we could ever do to ruin His one-of-a-kind perfect work, in us and in the world. All is LOVE, there is nothing to fear. Just be love and you are going to be alright, everything is going to be alright, everyone is going to be alright. All of you and all of life, in all its forms and entirety, is equally deserving and worthy of unconditional love.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” - [Ralph Waldo Emerson]

The whole universe shines through each of us. It is our personal choice to be who we are, to love who we are, and to love all that exists with its individual processes at different levels and speeds of consciousness. If you are seeking "Change" or "Transformational Awakening” or whatever the “Efff” you want to call it, you are seeking “Truth”. What is Truth? It begins with the right question. That one question, “What is true for me?”. Ask your heart this and layer by layer you will begin to uncover self-knowledge by shedding and healing old forms of external conditionings stored in the tissues on a cellular level from generation to generation. The sooner you can be real with yourself, the sooner you can begin the process to quiet the small thoughts you have about yourself; the thoughts and feelings everyone else planted in your vulnerable young mind as a child. Come back to you. Explore your potential, change as often as you want or need to evolve if conscious evolution is what your soul is longing for. Break free into self-realization, into Oneness - the new in you, the contentment of a reborn of innocence living in awareness of your incomparable uniqueness, your true nature, the union of polarities between masculine and feminine energies, light and shadow within yourself. With persistence, you can lose the self-presentations and social comparisons that seek a desired response of false acceptance and flattery. With persistence, you can break free from the delusions of casting shadows and achieve the greatest accomplishment - to be you, to love being you, and to love living the greatest you living an authentic life.

This labyrinth is an arduous journey where we ultimately shape the wonders of our landscape through the thoughts and decisions we make, the determination and dedication we take, and by the company we keep along the way. In bliss, I sincerely reveal the stunning vast vistas of my heart - with all its soft musical slopes and deep cavernous valleys - imparting uplifting gifts and wisdom through the work I do as a bridge to the Divine, a living breathing channel of higher cosmic energy - catering to my inner curiosities, stepping face-to-face with fear, pushing beyond it for love. Little by little I have chipped away at every corner, crashing down the tower of broken mirrors to reveal and release the cold armor that once hid the torn edges and fragmented pieces of me. I have come to know the pain, at peace with the letting go and surrendering of my self-emptying, in harmony with every trying circumstance that was necessary to propel me forward into new directions. The melancholy, nightmares, tears, and the bedwetting up to my adult years - yes, until I was 27 years old… you go ahead and laugh, I do not mind (it’s fucking funny and my two little children laugh at me all the time). Where was I…? Oh yeah, the melancholy, nightmares, tears, and the bedwetting were whispers flowing (literally) from my heart, asking me to remember that I am not limited by past or future thinking, that I have what it takes to revise how I see myself and be open to fresh insights to how I see the world around me. The tenderness of my soul has grown from the unending waves of heartbreak it has continually endured and now, I wholeheartedly see every experience as a holy encounter - joyfully open to new paths, welcoming all the foreign elements into my life, and loving all that I had once feared.

“You are entirely up to you.” - [Alexis Llanos]

No more holding back my love, the fruit is ripe to share my inner riches, to share myself in reckless childlike bliss. I show my heart to the world, the full expression of my soul’s essence. Present only in the moment, I worry not about the details, understanding that any mistakes along the way are only lessons to help me grow wiser from the experiences. I choose to act and learn rather than do nothing at all. Yes, I choose to show up for life, to let inspiration illuminate all parts of me as I design and build a liberated future, shifting my state of being from past fears and failures into unconditional love, liberating myself into the waterfall of the Universe, anchoring into Her orbiting light of consciousness, trusting She navigates me towards the vision wrapped nestled within this vessel. I breathe in Her life, expanding forward with action and purpose knowing there is nothing to fear and no place too dark, for every footstep illuminates a constant reminder that I am the Light. I have the power to transform, overcome, and heal with my highest will the fully saturated development of my authenticity. With this gift, I am ready to courageously venture whimsy; to root away weeds of fear, doubt, and worry; to welcome the connections of my freak flock lovers and haters - the teachers that flow challenges into my day-to-day outlook, helping me to see that I am teachable beyond perceptions, and that beneath all the pain, the heart of all connections is LOVE. Neither my genes nor my mind decide anything, only does the freedom of my heart.

My heart steps me fully in the course of my dreams and with every breath of soul-fiyah, I will my vision towards me. I shall not descend; no, I shall not descend. I release, fly, and soar to Spirit as the light eagle of the sun and as the night eagle of the moon. I ascend and ascend - ascending to novum heights regardless of those that wish to see me fall. I open my heart, let love enter, and with these hands claim my birthright. I build upon the words and wisdom of the greats that have lived before us and abide in the very earth we tread upon by sculpting the change I wish to see through me, leading the love I wish to inspire, and celebrating the delightful flavors of the world I wish for all to savor. I move my body with this love, honoring you and the company of the ancients, strumming mantras of my heart's soul seeds into Divine Mother's hands, peacefully present as She cosmically weaves, tending to a foundation built upon my lotus dreams. *bangs brass gong*

Trust the process,

Novum LL Bliss

“Nature never repeats herself, and the possibilities of one human soul will never be found in another.” - [Elizabeth Cady Stanton]