Touching Lives and Creating Art in Lifestyle, Health, and Beauty through Mind-Soul Connection

Where a Reverence for Life's Continuum and Quality is Valued


In honor of heart's desires, I am called to engage with all my kin on a creative and spiritual level, to marathon in league of ultimate freedom by fearlessly unleashing the wake of passion that wells and courses through these quicksilver veins. Novum137 is making good on a declaration to take prancing Pegasus soars above stale comforts of old. Up, up, up. Limitless mountains of infinitesimally glazed celestial heavens and on high towards a nursery of galactic creation. That by the virtue and power of will, faith, and trust, anyone can fiercely rise above circumstances in flaming occasion, aligning and acclimating soul journey with fruitful accomplishments. This creative, spirited outlet embraces the inherent good that exists in our God-given innocence - honoring and serving wholeness, completion, and celebration - illuminating a path for kindred spirits on a journey to know their mystery. Together we can affect positive change and personal freedom with discernment, balance, love, compassion, and gentleness. It is a sacred space serving faerie glittered plates varietal dishes of all things spirit-festive, creative-festive, and life-festive, all in cute princess mermaid cocktail-sized itty-bitties and all sparkly shiny-shinies. *heart bubbles fill the room*