“You, more than anyone else, deserve your love and affection.”



When the body is stimulated through therapeutic touch, the skin releases a pharmacy of healing chemicals that have health-promoting effects on our physiology. Effects which encourages our body's natural process to expel unwanted metabolic wastes released from the tissues and facilitating an increase of blood circulation to support muscle recovery and immune function that aids in the restoration of the physical system. You deserve to live the life you want by maintaining a full spectrum, whole-body wellness practice that empowers your wellbeing. You have the power to make positive changes by giving yourself the gift your body so greatly deserves. Let Novum LL Bliss be a part of all the things that repletes you.


Novum LaLuna of Novum LL Bliss, is an alumna of the Healing Arts Institute in Fort Collins, Colorado. A professional Licensed Massage Therapist, she sails equipped with a balanced, restorative, clinical approach to touch therapy utilizing a variety of therapeutic massage techniques that incorporates a BodyMind principle - or Body Insight Method - exclusively developed by Gary Salinger, founder of Healing Arts Institute.

A natural born Master Creatrix, Novum's genuine passion for human welfare, health, fitness, beauty, and art bridged a dream that manifested a collective vision into birth of self-transformative bliss. Committed to excellence and to celebrating you on your journey of real lasting, positive bodySOULution, Novum LL Bliss is grateful to be of service.