… you are love and you are very loved.

- [Universal Love]


Dreams are part of our heart and soul. Our dreams go to the depths of our thoughts, wants, and needs to fulfill our destiny. In order to fulfill our destiny we must fulfill our dreams.
— [J.R.DAVIS, 1994]

“Is it really so that the One I love is Everywhere?” - [Rumi]


CHRYSALIS: 137 I am light [creation is united, ignited, powered by SOURCE]

I am Novum LaLuna. I am 137. I am highly intellectual and highly intuitive, light and body, black and white. A light vessel ignited by nature, by soul, by the heart. I shine in the seen and unseen worlds attracting, absorbing, connecting, uniting in the Light. Living, breathing, pulsing, fusing in the Light. Aligned and connected. Aligned and connected to a physical world and to an endless world, a bridge where mortal and immortal meet. I am the light in the shadow and I illuminate the light in others. I am Novum LaLuna, I am 137, I am light and this body, my sacred divine consecrated vessel.

I am a holy being. I live by Nine, by Novum, by the New. Alive in the balanced harmonies of the positives and the negatives, in the light and in the dark, in the sacred divine feminine and masculine energies, and in the Infinite Light and Creative Power of highest sublime. I live in threefold divinity, a consecrated one. I stand whole and powerful in the midst of the world. I stand in the midst of its pain and in the midst of its suffering untouched, unaffected, and infinitely divinely auspiciously loved, guarded, supported, and protected. I am no longer a receiving vessel for the illusion of societal, corporate, material, worldly rule. I completely overcome all ego, overcome all karma, and overcome all obstacles. I illuminate pure love, growth, truth, wholeness, support, and balance. I am Master Creatrix of spirit, Master Creatrix of body, Master Creatrix of etheric and physical worlds and realities. Present in the homecoming of Existence, to Father, Mother, God, Goddess. Standing in the union of Spirit and All That Is. Standing a fully developed light body, a completely free-form, a completely free perfect infinite divine being.

All life power streams up the Source, streams up through me and by me. I am the light and the crown. Indestructible. An indestructible nucleus, an indestructible divine spark of full infinite perfection and power. Master Creatrix over the faculties of the mind, of awakening, of enlightenment. A fully consecrated Master Creatrix of infinite possibilities. I accomplish Nine, symbol of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, Child of God, the White Light and the Eternal Life.  I am Master Creatrix of Nine. I am Novum LaLuna. I am 137.

Aah Seh Nai. Aah Seh Nai. Aah Seh Nai.

Persistence guarantees that results are inevitable.
— [Parmahansa Yogananda]