Novum Dares the Ultimate Dare from the Universe

Eleven Black Candles, Two White Candles. I have the Dagaz Rune in here somewhere in Oak and White Onyx.

Electricity is in the air, wafting a thrill and ready to tip one over eternal's edge. Are you scraping on with raw finger tips and toes fearing the unknown? I'm definitely not. I willingly take the chance, lay in the hands of my inner child's faith and trust. I tense, deep breath and ha-hah ha-hah (those are breathing noises, people) into the great... Oh that sounds like a terrible introduction! What am I thinking! Let's start over...

So everyone I've heard from today that understands lunar cycles and appreciates a good moon ritual has commented about what an especially good day today is... No specifics, really; their guts just seem to know it feels like an especially good day and that's perfect because it means their intuitions are tick-tocking. Did any of you realize that today adds to the number 13? Yeah, 13... December 11, 2015 is 1+2+1+1+2+0+1+5 = 13! Of course you can reduce that down to four, but that's beside the point.

Why do I love this number? Well, I consider 13 lucky for so many reasons, but mostly because it symbolizes the ultimate dare to let go, to the Death Tarot Card. However, like all numbers, it also holds a secondary vibration, relating to the Dagaz Rune which symbolizes "Light" or "Day" or "New Beginnings"!  I won't pretend to be an expert on the research/background on what symbolism 13, the Death Tarot Card, or the Dagaz Rune holds. Instead, I'll save myself the work - I mean save you the time - and conveniently link to existing sites that already got it going on. Enjoy!

Ahhh, deep breath.

The last New Moon of 2015 has nearly come and gone (for now, this second, my time, this moment while I'm writing) into its final waxing cycle of the year, as the hours get later and later. Here I find myself after writing for a large part of the day, forcing more letters out of my gorgeous panda noggin to form words in the efforts to sow seeds for future growth. I have to do this (Angels encouragingly sing in ears, "You can do this, Novum, you can do this")...

Ok where was I? Oh yes, a couple days ago, I came across a wonderful journal article entitled "Final New Moon of 2015 - The Ultimate Dare from the Universe", which has inspired me to write my own Final New Moon of 2015 Declaration to the Universe and to create this herrr fantabulous deliciousness of a website (not yet, but bear with me, it will happen). By the time I post this, the final New Moon of 2015 will be yesterday, but there's no flippin' way I'm editing what I already have written down to reflect that fact. Please continue to bear with me. It's late. 

"I, Novum, dare the ultimate dare from the Universe on this final New Moon of 2015. I accept the gifts of the Universe. Fully blooming in knowledge, peace, grace, beauty, compassion, abundance, and wisdom.  I am free of guilt consciousness, of fear consciousness, of negative unwanted consciousness, of poverty consciousness, and of disease consciousness. I am free of this finite world, propelling freely forward in the desired bliss of celebration and joy of life's beauties and happy wonders. I take canyon strides towards the horizon of sunrise dreams and magical hopes where rainbows lead me to my pot of gold. I trust my feelings, Inner Wisdom, Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, and all that work alongside me as I take willful determination and positive action in all my present and future successful spiritual, creative, and personal endeavors.
I make all the necessary measures to go gracefully with the radical changes I seek and need in my life. I do this with faith, trust, and self-belief that my transformative deaths are cycles of pathways leading me to wonderful new opportunities and beginnings. I am grounded, focused, faithful, and trusting in myself. In my natural lightworking skills, creative talents and abilities, and in my soul's mission.  I am encouraged to keep going, to maintain hope in the crowds of faces of hopeless cant's, to hold a vision at the glister of light reflected in their eyes, and in the work of the Ascended Masters that call me to lead that spark.
I see it. I see it in my heart, my clan, my tribe. I desire their share in this vision with me, for us to go together, and to go far. I expect great things as I deserve limitless, auspicious possibilities, and opportunities for the great work planned ahead and for the great work I do today. I want to teach those that wish to seek it for themselves what has been shown to me. To teach balance and harmony within, freedom from constraints cast by the illusions of this finite physical world. To take heart's desires into thy hands, to shape love into thy world, and to form thy light into something magical and breathtakingly perfect. To healthfully and happily lead lives that expand and grow. I give wide birth and soul breath to the muses of new ideas, to my vision, and to all situations in life, safe in the knowledge that I have infinite protection, love, and support from the Universe. From the endless world, from those that guard it and fervently guard me.
I let go. I let down my line. I let my body ease into the rest, into the Universe that navigates swelling, vibrant, delicious ocean waters, into the sea writhing with colorful details, sensual appetites, and beastly material pleasures. I trust in the Universe's design and order. I trust my back to Divine Mother, that she lovingly garments me a rock hard shield, an unbreakable soul shell to weather what crashes around me, to balance afloat and drift into serene. May my knighted and lightness of being ferry fearlessly through deep black, sugared, mysterious waters, my brothers and sisters, to the other side. May we dare the ultimate dare from the Universe and embrace transformative deaths of old sheets, of old blistered skins. May we reveal stripped bare bones, cleansed and renewed by the Violet Flame. Let us dance grace in the Lagoon of Light, the Eternal Bliss of the Divine. In the pure love and peace of the Omnipresent Father, Mother, God, Goddess of Cosmic Time. Let us not be hindered from our path, but be reborn into our true self, into our Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Let us honor the Divine Sanskrit in our cells. Come, let us honor the echoing Divine present and united in all our kind. Ah Seh Nai. Aum. Peace. Amen. Jai Guru."

Infinite Blessings and Pure Love always, in all ways to You and Yours,


So it has been Accepted. It starts.

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