Flock of Heavenly Cranes

Our flock of heavenly cranes, carry my child with your wings.
— Traditional Japanese Prayer

Prayers and wishes delicately wrapped into 13 colorful Paper Cranes. Each, carefully strung with intention between Citrine, Quartz, Blue Gold Agate, and Evil Eye rounds. This December 25th, I will be spending the day in quiet introspection raising energy through ritual and meditation as these heavenly messengers deliver prayers and wishes to Spirit upon their wings. If you have wishes that you would like supported, you're invited to participate. I am happy to conjure up a personalized Paper Crane to carry your heart's desire. 

Your wish will be strung up with others in preparation for a great flight this rare Christmas Full Moon... From one faerie to another, I give my word that anything shared with me in confidence remains sacred without judgement, criticism, or comparison. I will honor you and every word. I only ask that your wish serves the highest good and is specifically for you, the person I will be making the Crane for. My personal ethics is to only offer Light work to those that are open and receptive to the energy I raise. I must have permission in respect of personal energetic space of another.

These "Heavenly Flock of Cranes" project is ongoing; I will be supporting present and future wishes throughout my lifetime. I can see it already: thousands of bright dancing cranes hanging above our heads in every room. If you would like to be included, please send your request via Facebook PM or by email at; 


Infinite Blessings and Pure Love always in all ways,




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