13th Street and the Turtle

Thirteen follows me and it makes sense that it does, as layers continually die in my life -- all of which are good and challenging, and all of which will be revealed in perfect time throughout this blog's life. For the moment, let's talk about yesterday, the 22nd... about how I cannot stop smiling at the perfection of the Universe and all that is. It came to me several days ago that a full moon bath ritual was in order. A soothing, sexy La Luna alone-time in preparation for some deep bio-energy healing work planned for the entire day on the 25th -- my Personal 7 Introspection Day of rest, meditation, and prayer -- a perfect time to take up Sissyfu's treat to some bath fizzays, heeey yayyy... *raises roof*

Sissyfu gifted some pressies ("presents", cutely said) this Winter Solstice - a Rose Quartz Ganesha and Lush Bombs. Well, the Lush Bombs was actually an e-gift certificate because she thought it would be funsies to pick "flavors" out myself. I've always held fleeting curiosity about Lush. There have been a couple moments in the past in which I found myself hovering beside window sills, observing in at the bunch of excited faces gushing down at fancy balls of citric acid and fragrance oils. Humans are complex creatures. *silently thinks to self in love with human quirkiness*

Franklin decided we would go to Downtown Boulder for the day. Upon our arrival, we proceeded with the little ones towards a Tibetan shop when I noticed that we had unknowingly parked on 13th Street. Gasping in between giggles, I swerved between car lanes as I made my way through shop doors magnetically drawn towards the largest, most intricately carved wood sculpture of Divine Mother Kwan Yin. 'Twas the loveliest Kwan Yin a pink faerie ever did see. Captivated, my heart leaped at Her presence. I kissed Kwan Yin's feet in honor and stood in silent prayer among unknown bystanders that made their way past the aisle. I'm sure they'll remember me all the days of their life; the unusual lady making out with Kwan Yin's feet.

Soon after we had our fun looping amidst deities, bejeweled conch shells, and dazzling tapestries, I was ready to Lush. Well, I thought I was ... until I noticed a FANTASTIC shop with big arse museum-grade crystal specimens. Ahhhhh squee! Sorry, you'll have to take my word for it; pictures were not allowed in either store. Though I am keeping a mental note of where to take my three or four Facebook wifeykins window shopping in the future when they visit.

Back to Lush... I am not ever going into a Lush during the Christmas Season again. No way, not ever! I will admit that I did enjoy a delightful Lush associate that wore the most adorable half-black, half-white pig tails as she fawned over my sacred adornment and as I fawned over her impeccable taste. She reminded me of my Panda Totem love affair as I enjoyed her company with her sweet black and white ensemble. Franklin whispered in my ear, "Thank GAWD you did not let me go in here alone," as he cringed at the spectacle of people and the strong scented oogles of bombs that pounded botanical misery through our heads.

In conversation, this associate learned that I've never been in a Lush shop before and asked if I would like to see how it works. I answered, "I already watched YouTube, thanks"... She insisted (aw fuq me!) and disappeared for a moment as I attempted to collect myself amongst the energetic and physical muck reverberating in every direction. Out of the daze, she appeared with a galvanized pan, conveniently yanked from the back. Filling the basin with water, she stared at me, all while calling the crowds attention in her direction.

It was fun, I guess, if I was not overcome by a super-induced lush bomb headache. I can appreciate the extra effort she made to be helpful with an upbeat bubbly personality -- a welcome distraction from the massive waves of energies moving around the space. I encouraged Jaxon to give his hands a bath to reciprocate our appreciation for the cheerful gesture (because there was no way I was letting my hands swim together with other kids' filth -- ahem, I mean "questionable cleanliness"). Soon following the show's completion, I decided it was imperitive that I get the heck away from this jolly nonsense and haphazardly heaped seven bombs into my basket. Like a coy silver fox, I snatched Jaxon and Kingston's hands into mine and quickly ditched Franklin to the wolves in flight for safety. Reveling in the quiet cold, in gratitude for Franklin saving me from the over the top fragrant floral bombs, I smiled at the small numbers "1312" lined above Lush's doors. 

We all couldn't wait to head home after a yogurt snack. It was a beautiful drive, as always in Colorado, filled with picturesque mountains and the most vibrant skies of oranges and reds. I sat quietly thinking about the fun symbolism experienced throughout the day as our trip was nearing the end of it's journey, and I was taking comfort in the satisfaction of messages provided by the Universe. Franklin gave me a heads up, one more quick stop as he pulled over to check the mail.

Guess what arrived that evening? A large Quartz Turtle. If you aren't already familiar with the symbolism and connection between the Number 13 and the Turtle, please enjoy the links provided. I first heard about it around the time of the Blue Moon (the 13th Moon a little while back) when I shared with a soul sister that Jess had gifted me a turtle mood ring which arrived a day or so before my Blue Moon Ritual.

Throughout life, we can all use what Turtle Medicine teaches us, but especially during a busy holiday hustle and bustle when the material world blankets over the Spirit of the Season. Let us remember to take 30 minutes to ourselves twice a day to rest and slow down in meditation and go with the flow. To take care of ourselves in the process of life and celebration. Maybe a little La Luna alone-time is in the stars for you... Happy Holidays Friends! May yours be a restful, soul nourishing one.

Infinite Blessings and Pure Love always, in all ways. Ah Seh Nai, Aum, Peace, Amen. Jai Guru.



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