The Official Outlander Coloring Book


"Look, Ma! It's like a motorcycle!"

Bright Amazing Greetings Everyone! How was your Holiday? Do any of you have a blog? I would enjoy sharing in your stories and getting to know you! If so, please share it with me, thank you!

On this Personal "7" Year of mine, focus is on the Soul Plane - the Material Plane is on the back burner until my next bday in June 2016, when I enter my "8". What Personal Year are you on? How are you coping with it? Are any of you also on your Personal 7 Year?  

This Christmas 2015, we agreed upon reflecting the cycle of my energetic flow of quiet introspection and learning since I normally handle all the holiday details. 

Apparently, Santa missed the memo of a no-gift, spiritual plane holiday with his satiric sense of humor, gifting me an "official" Outlander Coloring Book. Nice! I knew you knew I was a good girl all year! Poke fun, Santa, poke fun. I can match your witty gesture...

"Gersh, thank you ever so greatly, Santa! I can now lament that each coloring pencil stroke is an extension of my secret Taurean Venus desires *passionately fills essence of Sam Heughan with the colors of the rainbow*. You know what, Santa? Next year, what would really top this thoughtful present of yours off is a 3-D version! *winky face* Your sweet and nice Novum LaLuna."

Jaxon and Kingston had put out a plate of Vanilla Cookies for Santa just in case he decided there was still time to make a sleigh ride out to our place. I am thankful he did, thankful for the joy Santa brought them and for the joy he brings to all the children of the world. After presents and the little Sam Heughan tease at my expense, I managed to walk off tall, lit a candle, and smudged away any residual blushing awkwardness in preparation for gingerbread cookie fun.

All cut and baked, it was time to prepare an altar for the rare Christmas Full Moon in Cancer and take a pre-ritual Lush-bath-mama-time with my new fancy coloring book. *ooh ahh and lala*

For those few that took faith and trust in me to be present in your heart's desires, I thank you for trusting me to carry your words to Spirit. It is a great blessing to be available to you and your light house. Below are a few pictures to let you know that it is done. May your wishes, dreams, and hopes be realized in your world and may it bring you the best that you deserve.

So it has been accepted. Ah Seh Nai. Infinite Blessings and Pure Love always, in all ways.



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