Happy 2016! Celebrate a New Day every day!

New Year Day Intentions

I release and surrender the past. I release and let go of the old. I bid farewell to all self-limiting consciousness that traps and statics the mind. I sweep goodbye, in love and light, the stale and the stuck, knowing it has served its purpose and lessons during its time. I am unshackled, unrestrained, and unconstrained. Detached from all that stagnates.
I fill this new space in focus alignment of my soul's map, my divine soul mission with good virtue, resilience, and primal truth. Primal truth to see the deeper reality, to find profound wisdom in the golden stream of life's meanings, to gain higher consciousness of illumination suspended in patience of this world's contradictions ... waiting for the perfect opportunities to reveal themselves for the taking. I listen and use discernment, patience, and wisdom to guide my way. I practice gratitude and welcome all of my heart's desires.
I celebrate a New Day each day with 3 to 11 daily goals for myself to start changing my life a little at a time in a positive, nourishing, supportive, uplifting, happy, and healthy way. I develop a peaceful, loving relationship with myself and others. I accept myself and release all outside opinions, views, and beliefs, staying true to my light and Christ Consciousness, and living life as my soul dictates.
I live my truths and express myself in a diplomatic way with clarity, purpose, and love. I am a positive light to myself and others. I make relevant changes and focus my efforts toward the things in life that embrace and enhance who I truly am within and that are suited to my spiritual truths in earnest … to what enhances my lifestyle choices, to auspicious opportunities that advance me along my path, and to my life in general. I keep happy thoughts regardless of what I am doing, who I am with, or where I am in life -- always happy, balanced, and positive. I choose to be with true friends living in the highest vibrations, with good company who make me laugh and feel good, friends that marvelously reflect divine love and light. I choose to do things that make me feel good and to eat foods that make my body feel healthy. I look after myself in all ways.  I love what I am and who I am. I love and pamper myself, hold myself in the highest esteem knowing that I am endowed with infinite Divinity, endowed with the essence of life. I expect the best because I deserve the best; the best is my divine birthright.
I have faith in humanity as a whole and the future of our world.  My lightworking abilities and life mission are utilized for the good of all.  I keep a positive attitude about myself, others, and the world in order to manifest peace, love and harmony.  I send blessings and positive energies to all my kin, to the environment, and to all creatures whilst being open to receiving wonderful blessings in return.
I stand whole, perfect, and powerful in the midst of the world. I stand in the midst of its pain and in the midst of its suffering untouched and unaffected. I am present in infinite perfect equilibrium, balance, and harmony with infinite faith and trust that all is well. I watch and listen without judgement, comparison, criticism, or any external projections. I live and let live like a prayer. Here, I am me, incomparably unique, fulfilling self-potential, inspiring with ease. Relaxing and being in a world of uncertainties, a world of ambiguous polarities. Rising in excited peaks of success and resting in the valley hollows that follow. I live a life in abundant celebration of all creations and rejoice beyond the circle in the meet of ultimate eternal. Ah Seh Nai. Aum. Peace. Amen. Jai Guru.

Happy 2016 Friends! I don't know about you, but a long list of a million things to improve on seems like a daunting task for this Gemini-Gemini... Feels much more happy and healthy to focus on little compartments (three or more goals each day) of my life a little at time, don't cha think? May you celebrate a New Day every day and may all your days be filled with Hope Blossom Butterfly Angels and Archangels! Wishing you Infinite Blessings and Pure Love this New Year 2016 and always, in all ways.



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