An ethereal night and the Enlightenment Buddha

Merlion Singapore. On our way up to the mouth. Water beasts, Butterfly Faeries, and Merlions... Magick is everywhere.


Sometimes the best help is self help. I have been reminded of this during these past couple weeks as I have dealt with the life lessons of a close loved one ... 

Although the outside circumstances are out of my control, I can help myself help us by being present and supportive. This has been a great opportunity to utilize the spiritual tools gained throughout the past year to assist in rising above difficult events shaking the plateau beneath our feet. This is the time I put into practice everything I have been taught by my Angels, Guides, and Ascended Masters. I will be honest that there were less than a handful of individuals I have let in on the personal circumstances that surround me. I wanted trusted friends that shared sacred relations with me to be present to my vulnerabilities, to genuinely listen and be compassionate, to be there for me with good heart words that feed the soul.

Some who I let in, however, cast an unnecessary shadow upon my already relatively dark time. I am more than familiar with the reality of the issues and what needs to be done ... Spare me the negative, unwanted, naive criticism, and external egotistical projections. Difficult times show us the myriad of layers that make us and make the people around us. Everyone makes mistakes, makes bad decisions ... decisions that seem to bring immediate pleasure, not considering the long term consequences and how their actions affect those close to them.  I believe that as human beings, we all experience life lessons, that there is not one person on earth that has not experienced some form or level of volatility surrounding their lives at any given point and that these life lessons will continue to repeat themselves until we learn what it teaches us. As human beings, we all have our own spiritual needs, our own karmic lessons, our own cycles, our own turning points. We all make mistakes and we all make bad decisions; it is how we choose to face them that defines us. I know that in the end, I prefer to listen to the guidance I am given from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms. Still, the human part of me (my body) had hoped for unconditional love and supportive light in this physical plane through friends during my time of vulnerability. Several close divine beings from my inner circle were able to shine unconditional love and supportive healing light, and I am infinitely grateful for their presence in my life. This is a worthy reflection of what my Angels afford me each and every day.  

There were times the tumultuous ordeal felt as though I was being drawn and quartered from limb to limb, fleeting moments where I wondered if I would ever be able to stitch back together and recognize who I used to be... How would I be? Who would I be when everything changes? Do I really want to be the same again? These were the seconds I chose not to succumb to, where I reminded my inner child of our strength, where I tell her the fun part about life is that we do not always need to dwell on the details of what's to come or what is. We are given the freedom to have faith and trust in the adventures hiding behind the thickly shadowed tall tree-lined paths. I remind her that this past year of 2015 reveals that strength, the strength that led into a spiritual path that only requires the power of faith and trust that all things are provided for in perfect time. Faith and trust that all things are possible. Faith and trust that everything is not falling apart, but rather is falling into place. This experience is the chance to shine brighter, to exercise the spiritual gifts I have been given to benefit myself and my loved ones, and to start afresh.

Though I may not be able to control the turmoil created by the choices of another, I can control how I deal with it, how I rise above it, and where I grow from here. I can choose to think thoughts that nourish, thoughts that support positive energies toward and around me. I can choose to love unconditionally, to forgive as I would desire to be forgiven, and to develop a stronger sense of self as I proceed with the changes in grace.

Healing begins when I choose to take positive action through prayers, meditation, learning, and study ... when I choose to invest in myself, in possibilities, and in opportunities that enhance and improve my life in all areas, situations, and levels. Healing begins in knowing that everything works itself out in the end and that all will endure regardless of the odds. I'll make sure of that, I always do. My success is guaranteed; it is only a matter of patience, of positive action, and of the virtue of my will. Through the trials, I choose to be happy. Through the trials, I choose to have faith. Through the trials, I choose to be cooperative and proactive.

Universe, it feels good to let that out. Thank you for listening.

Let's move on to the story behind the Buddha pictured in this post, but before we do, I would like to welcome you to my God Communion room located in the Wisdom/Elders/Ancestors area. This spectacular Buddha waited many years on its journey to be united with me. Back in 2007, I traveled to visit my big sister Lina where she was stationed in Singapore. The trip was a birthday gift from her to celebrate us, as her birthday is the day before mine. From Singapore, we took a trip to Sydney, where we both climbed their famed Harbour Bridge. On that day of July 7, 2007 (or lucky 7/7/07), I was on my 8 Personal Year. 2016 is another 8 Personal Year for me, but technically it doesn't begin until my birthday on June 11.

The instructor in the front, that's me leading the line behind her, and that's Lina at my six.

At the top of the bridge, we rested with a group of wonderful people beneath twinkled glowing stars among black landscaped skies and a display of glazing fireworks, all while delicately sandwiched between metal, air, and serene black waters. It was on that cold night, as I sat bridged between the elements, where I began to think to myself, "Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?" I wanted to find my true self and my mission. It was an ethereal night.

The next day, I had to forego trips to Malaysia and Thailand due to a family emergency back home in California, which prompted me to shorten our stay. Later that same year, my sister traveled to Thailand where she happened upon a tiny hole-in-the-wall shop that no one would think could be filled with most amazing treasures. She fell in love with a reclining Buddha, but the gentleman of the shop insisted he had one more Buddha she needed to take with her. Puzzled, she assured him that the reclining Buddha was enough, but he, like all Asian shop owners tend to do (hey, I may be part-Asian, so I can say that), persisted to a point that he lowered the already bargain price in order for her to take the second Buddha. Lina couldn't resist the man's fair offer and decided why not; she was sold.

In 2012, I again visited Lina, who was then stationed in San Diego. I was completely smitten over her second upright Buddha that the Thai shop owner convinced her to buy years before. Because I didn't take her for the Eastern Spiritual type (like, at all), I literally giggled out loud to see her in the possession of a Buddha, let alone two. The giggle was equally directed at myself because I was strangely entranced by her second upright Buddha. I knew nothing of the significance of Buddhas at the time. There was something about them -- a presence, an essence they veiled and that I could sense. Throughout the entire time of my trip, I was enthralled with the upright Buddha, so much so that during my pretend play, I deliberately fantasized that he was actually mine and that my sister was simply borrowing him. Meanwhile, back in reality, I hoped that one day I would find an exact replica of my very own.

In the summer of 2015, Lina visited me here in Colorado. She was taken aback by all my altars lined with crystals and statues. We were sitting down in the basement watching Netflix episodes about Numerology as we waited for time to pass; we were excited that Jaxon had started school that day (it was his first day of kindergarten) and eagerly awaited the minute we would go out to pick him up from the bus stop. Out of nowhere, Lina says, "Anna (that's my former name, you may address me as Novum), I think that the second upright Buddha is meant for you. I had no idea at the time why in the world I bought him. For years I wondered and asked myself... There were friends that offered to buy him from me, but I could not part with him despite my curiosities on the reasons I had him all these years. I must admit there were times I toyed with the idea of selling him. There were many instances when I was moving that I had considered leaving him behind, but always ended up holding on... I feel that he is yours, that he belongs with you and would be very happy here." I was like, "Holyshite, I'm so happy to hear you say that because I friggin' feel the same!" In that blessed moment, Lina gifted the Buddha to me with a promise she would drive him up during her next visit. I could barely contain myself...

Lina's summer trip ended and she returned to Miami, where she is now stationed. Only a day or so had passed when we last saw one another and my phone rang. I knew immediately it was my sister without scoping through the incoming information listed. She ecstatically busted out that after research, she had learned that the second upright Buddha is an "Earth Buddha" also known as an "Enlightenment Buddha", and that her reclining Buddha (her favorite baby) is a "Nirvana Buddha". Lina talked about how perfect it was that she was drawn to the Nirvana Buddha and proceeded to say, "Anna (read: Novum), the other Buddha is totally YOURS. He is meant for you. How funny that you were talking about enlightenment, meditation, etc., only to find out that this is an Enlightenment Buddha. Whoa this is crazy, right?!" I couldn't agree more with her and affirmed to myself that the day Lina brings the Earth Buddha to me is the day that I successfully open the doors of Enlightenment.

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that the first week of January had been a storm. I cried and cried and cried. I prayed all day and meditated several times continuously for two days straight. I was exhausted, but persisted in meditation to seek divine guidance and strength. My prayers were answered; a miracle provided by the Angelic Realm. Several days later, Lina arrived with the Earth Buddha in tow. She had driven many miles (2,113 to be exact) to bring him to me. She thought he would bring me good luck. I lifted him up off the floor and upon our union, a perfect bliss blanketed me on all levels of my being. The Enlightenment Buddha had chosen me, has aligned and connected with me on my soul journey. He arrived in perfect time for the January New Moon and every cycle of the Moon that comes to pass. Every day, throughout my day, I meditate and pray alongside the Earth Buddha, sending healing love and light out to the world. Each day I live my divine soul mission, my life path. Each and every day, my life is one of service. My life's work is of a Spiritual nature. I love every moment I am able to live in celebration of life's creations, every moment I am able to meet life, every moment I am able to move with grace to the changes. I am thankful for my ability to love over and above the dramatic storms that hits the lands of my peace, grateful for my strength and courage to rise above melancholy, for my strength and courage to choose to be a part of the world in joy, in happiness, and in perfect balance. I am infinitely grateful for all that I am, for all that I can do, for all that I have, and for all that is, for the infinite blessings in my life today, and for the infinite blessings yet to come. Ah Seh Nai, Ah Seh Nai, Ah Seh Nai.

Infinite Blessings and Pure Love always, in all ways.


Novum LaLuna

What will happen during the next 8 years Universe? To be continued ...

What will happen during the next 8 years Universe? To be continued ...

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