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Last Summer, on June 10, 2015, I entered my Personal 7 Year. If you're not familiar with the significance of a Personal 7 Year, it's a time of personal reflection, perfection, self-realization, and exploration of one's true spiritual nature; a time when the Universe supports personal expansion and growth in the fields of our creative and spiritual realms. We will feel compelled to pause the moving pictures we light through our subconscious and that are told by our eyes, stories of delusions and horror realities we create for ourselves by power of our words, thoughts, and actions. We will feel compelled to pause and pull into ourselves and as we pause and pull within, we in turn separate away from the external shrapnels of everyday life -- the noise that keeps our emotional and spiritual vision foggy and lost in space. We will quake at the need to closely investigate ourselves in the present moment and to open our minds in analyzations of past patterns and behaviors that has kept us from living a beautiful, happy life. This is the time the Universe will support the Study of Self. If you find you have fallen into this vibration, I dare you to make the most of it.

This summer, on June 10, 2016, at exactly 1:28pm, I officially bid farewell to a very emotional Personal 7 Year. It was a year of letting go old facets stemmed from social conditioning, a year of letting painful layers suppressed fall off my bones. It was a time when I allowed myself to say "No!" No to fears, no to self-limiting ideas, beliefs, patterns, behaviors, people, and things that have raped and drained my soul of healthy personal time, space, resources, tools, energies, and freedom. I let go of a serious "Savior Complex" that has spellbound me to insanely hang myself on a cross, an aspect that had me silence my voice, truths, and expressions in order to please and to keep the peace. It has been a profound year of wisdom that has waken me from a relentless nightmare of imperfections conjured by this material world. It has been a year of Faith, abundant in spiritual and creative growth, of letting go and letting God. I let God this year, I let God. I let go and let God teach me through my Angels and the lessons of my Guru Paramahamsa Yogananda.

I was born into a Catholic upbringing by means of my mother, through her I have gained my devotion to Jesus Christ. Christ was my first spiritual teacher... And in the summer before I turned 7, I found myself abandoned and alone to figure out the riddles of life ala Hans Solo (I had to, it rhymed), to find personal inner strength, to carry the weight of abuse, and to temper the wounds my mom had left behind. I found my refuge in Christ, the only comfort, home, and love that forged my heart's hope. And as I grew I longed for a model figure, a Guru, to guide me in this modern times. I hopped from religion to religion looking for divine guidance and direction, seeking the truth. Nothing suited me perfectly so I decided to stop looking and keep my spirituality between me and God. Have you ever noticed that the moment you decide to let go, everything falls into place?

In the Fall of 2015, after a year of hard work that started the previous autumn, my Angels informed me that I was ready for my prayers to be answered. They put me in the hands of Paramahamsa Yogananda's spirit. There were many, many lessons that I have learned from my Guru through Self-Realization lessons. I vowed to keep my Guru's teachings sacred, to only direct truth seekers in the right direction so that they -- those that are ready for the truth -- can learn directly from Guru Perceptor's wellspring of wisdom, free of any misinterpretations of his life's devotional work. However, this one prayer I received through another source of Self-Realization Fellowship correspondence, I feel I can share with you in hopes that it helps serve your journey. Although I have taken the liberty to customize the prayer to fit my soul, the intentions have worked to power me into a higher understanding of the Source -- the Source of prosperity, abundance, of all things, in all forms, and the understanding and discernment to use my manifesting abilities responsibly by living in balance of the Cosmic Universe.

"Bless me Heavenly Father, Divine Mother. Teach me to feel and to know that thou art the power behind all wealth, health, happiness, beauty, love, light, joy. The celebration of all Life's Creations and the value within all things. That by finding You first, I will find everything else in Thee. All things The Heavenly Father and Divine Mother hath, are mine, and I am infinitely grateful and appreciative knowing that the more that I have, the more I have to share with all my kind. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you. Ah Seh Nai, Aum. Peace. Amen. Jai Guru!"
- [Paramahamsa Yogananda]

This is my gift to you, friends. May this intention work lovingly alongside you as you stretch into higher levels of understanding. May its wisdom assist in drawing the best that you deserve into your world as it has mine, aligned with the highest good of all and with the highest purpose of your being.

I hope you enjoy the memories of my world. As I live, I bring you all along the journey and I cherish the opportunity to be a part of yours through your stories - please invite me to listen to you should you also have a blog or other matrix platform. I think there's nothing more beautiful than to see YOU! 

I would like to thank Franklin, Tristan, Jaxon, Kingston, Infinitas, Melodie, and Nevaeh! How very fortunate I am to have very loving, accepting beings in my life. Oh, and I just remembered that I have not formally introduced Infinitas! Please welcome our new family member Infinitas, an Oorang Airedale, from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He came into our lives on April 30, 2016 and is such a beautiful, loving, calm, yet playful beam of light. Such a blissful earth dog, fire monkey!

Infinite Blessings and Pure Love always, in all ways to you and yours. Ah Seh Nai. Aum. Peace. Amen.

In Divine Friendship,

Novum LaLuna

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