You are made of Starlight

Happy Day Starlight Friends! Welcome to our cute intimate corner of Heaven, to the "You Are Made of Starlight" Garden. I appreciate you for trusting in me to support your wishes, thank you! With the help of my Novum137 light-torch-troops, I have been happily at work doing everything possible to Feng Shui the starlight of wishes garden. It is my goal to attract maximum positive energies to boost manifestation powers of our hearts' hopes, dreams, and wishes -- hopes, dreams, and wishes that serve our highest good in love and light.

I forgot to mention previously that Earth Magick is strong and stable intentions meant to fall into place in divine time; meaning earth magic is good for intentions that require a certain amount of time, will (on our part), and positive action to unravel. Strong foundations are set by showing initiative in the small steps that will improve our lives. It begins by getting out of our own way, being willing to do the work, and being present for the presents of the Universal and Angelic Realms that conspire to support our six. I am holding a strong positive state of being, using my will to take positive action to support our wishes. Please keep your thoughts, words, and actions aligned with your soul, aligned with your soul's highest vibrations, and with the Power of Creation to assist in the manifestation of our hearts' desires. Also, remember the old adage, "Be careful what you wish for." Yes, please use discernment at all times because you may not have guessed what phases, things, relationships, ways of being need to end in your life in order for you to move forward and usher in the new. For example, I did all the work on my spiritual journey hoping to keep and improve my marriage. Instead, I realized that it was not healthy to force relationships that have run its course; I unknowingly used force by praying for God's help to keep us together for the past 19 years. I was not aware at the time that what I was asking for did not serve my highest good and divine soul mission. God answered by giving me the strength to live a lot of needless pain. Avoidable misery, if only I accepted sooner that it was for my best to let go of a relationship consumed by friction and resistance. I could have saved myself by choosing discernment. Since December 2015, I stopped using my manifestation abilities to keep us together and chose to let go and let God's plan work out. So please, please, please use discernment. I genuinely care about the wellness and happiness of humankind and all of existence; our wellness and happiness is priceless. I am here to support you energetically and presently through this matrix space, if you're ready.

If you're here, it means you're ready; so let's take action.

Write ten things in the way of your peace. Next to each of those perceived obstructions, write ten things you can do completely opposite of those old stories to get out of your own way. Let's say my focus is on health. The first thing on my list of "things that disturb my health peace" would be processed foods. To balance my vial of health peace I am incorporating more whole foods into my diet. Now let's say the focus of health peace is working on an emotional level. Let us stop saying, "Why even try, I'll always be less," and start saying, "I do, because I am worthy of the best." Cuz you are! So let's start with those small steps... In time you will find that you are strong and able to accomplish anything.

After I've completed a course of action, I burn the mutha-effin-shite out that list in a Dark Moon bonfire; the dark moon lasts three days before the new crescent. You might like to keep a copy of what was written to reflect upon at a later date, but for me, I burn the old stories in a fervent funeral pyre. Auf wiedersehen, tired self! Been there, done that, and I ain't coming back! *kicks dirt*

Nuff 'bout that cuz this Pink Faerie maiden is in an extra loving mood as of late... If no one has told you "I love you" today, know that you are loved all the days of your life. I LOVE YOU! I love you, I love you, I love you. And if no one has told you how remarkable you are... well, let me tell you: You are made of Starlight. Born to shine something sensational. Keep shining bright cosmic friends. Shine, shine, shine. Shine bright like the stellar-star-galaxy diamond you are. *sparkly pink faerie winky face*

Now show me those pearly whites. Babe, we are about to see progress pictures of the new and growing, "You Are Made of Starlight" Garden. Snuggles-a-cuddles close to me and let me sweep you off your sweetie-feeties. *boppity-bops-a-bops*

Infinite Blessings and Pure Love always, in all ways to You and Yours. Ah Seh Nai. Aum. Peace. Amen.

I Love You,


Full Moon in Capricorn 2016. Planting seed wishes.

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