I dare, I slay, I go hard


Seeds planted on the December New Moon of 2014. I toiled, I went hard, and I harvested my blessings on Lammas Day 2016... Now, I'm sharing my seeds with Truth Seeking Souls ready to take on the challenge to remember their true self. Dare if you're willing to go HARD. Dare and slay it!

On this night, when the light of the Moon eludes my view, I set intentions for my life ahead. I seek the balance of light and darkness, stasis and transformation, the ebb and the flow. I surrender to a power higher than myself and welcome Your healing peace. I create space for abundance and prosperity in all ways for me. May my mind, body, and soul manifest Thy healing presence, may the stillness of Your love manifest my completion, and may my life be a beautiful reflection of Your Divine. Alone with my Creator, in silent faith and subtle darkness, I plant my seeds knowing many forces will collide and energies gather to nurture its growth. Hold me as I take graceful steps towards my fullest potential in my life ahead. Strengthen me when I feel weak, remind me of my purpose when I feel lost, mirror my beauty when I cannot see it. And in all things, help me honor You in all that I do. I give thanks, Heavenly Father, Divine Mother as I welcome the darkest night and host the return of the light that will bring clarity and miracles with it into my life.

Ah Seh Nai. Aum. Peace. Amen. Jai Guru.



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