I am not afraid. I was Born to do this.


To simply sit here and know the tenderness of being alive means being drenched in love.
— Sadhguru

I empower myself by identifying the pain, facing the truth of it, and resolving to take action towards healing it. I move in awareness of what is in my heart and speak what I feel is right. If you don't like what I have to say ... so what.

Oh the tenderness of being alive... People hurt us, they fail, they challenge our faith in humanity to a point of leaving us feeling fed up. We all make mistakes; whether we are in the giving or receiving end, errors occur. Mistakes are discoveries of ourselves and the times when we have to fight for something are periods of growth opportunities from those self-discoveries. With all our flaws, we are beautiful and perfect beings capable of everything we can possibly imagine, if only we allowed ourselves to prevail in our discoveries. We prevail by empowering ourselves to process the pain, to face the truth of it with words that honor our heart and what we feel is fair.

When overwhelming odds beat upon the shores of my peace, I do not fight against my gifts, I stand with them. I stand my ground wild, strong, and fearless for my moral convictions and self-confidence rather than hide my true self. I stand in my power with the Omnipresent Beacon of Light as I affirm, "I am not afraid. I was born to do this," knowing that I am about to embark on discovering my ever evolving cusp of spiritual and personal birth and rebirth.

Discoveries pave a path to new levels of activated awareness, self-expression, and progressive action. We can prove our power over opposing forces by letting go of despondency by the failings of others and shift our focus instead on embracing our own self-discoveries -- the gifts of growth opportunities that uplift us in self-belief that we are more than able to create personal success and fulfillment, that we are more than able to bring balance back into the world with our renewed universal commitment to be more compassionate, conscious human beings.

A new friend of mine had provided sage advice a couple months ago that really helped me to regain focus. It was a short and sweet quote that lit up my face: "Life is not happening to you, it's happening for you." Remember, Friend, as real as the pain feels today, do not rush through life. Life is happening for you. Pause to take it in with a deep belly breath, then relish in the drenched love of being alive. Be determined to make something positive and beautiful from your journey of self-discovery because your confidence will lead you to success. Be brave. Follow the advice of your heart. Stand in your own power. Be one with your gifts. You were born to do this! Trust your hella-dopeness! Infinite Blessings and Pure Love always, in all ways to you and yours.

Heart Hugs and Love,

Novum LaLuna.

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