Gentleness is Strength


There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.
— [Han Suyin]

Gentleness, it requires a dedication to discover the real nature of our Strength.


We are reminded of the virtue of gentleness. Life can be harsh at times, but the way we respond to challenges determines our receptiveness to its spiritual gifts, and our connection to the world. Life beckons you to draw on this quality when it may be more tempting to react in the opposite way. If this is the case, the presence of this card is an opportunity for growth. By handling a predicament with the wisdom of gentleness, you bend with the ebb and patient flow of its quiet and humble countenance.
A depiction of feminine strength in action as she holds the symbolic weight of the world on her shoulders. The twelve suns above her head represent cosmic power and illumination. Her proud and naked form, scantily draped in a sheer veil, is surrounded by dedicated dragonflies. As creatures of lakes and ponds, dragonflies symbolize the unconscious mind, water and yin, the female principal of the universe.
Great emphasis is often placed on physical strength because it is tangible and easy to measure, whether in the form of prowess, status, or worldly power. Learning to discern the authentic nature of strength is part of our awakening as spiritual beings. This cultivation takes time and effort, and the measure of its might is not always obvious to the outside world.
In earthly terms, strength can be developed through willingness to embrace life's lessons, while using them as a means to gain insight and wisdom. As sparks of the Divine however, our ultimate strength lies in our ability to connect and co-create in accordance with Divine Guidance.
You are invited to evaluate the role strength plays in your life, and how it manifests in you. The quality of strength you have directly depends on whether you are aligned to the ego or the Higher Power. Notice your intentions and what motivates the call for strength. Perhaps you feel a need to prove yourself. Or maybe you need to make wise decisions and stand firm. Sometimes life calls us to take a direct route to discover the real nature of strength. Whatever your needs, be open to Strength's dynamic energy, and use it wisely. In the face of adversity, remember the wonderful words of Phillips Brookes, "I do not pray for a lighter load, but for a stronger back."
- [Vintage Wisdom Oracle, Victoria Moseley]


Whatever we are given, we can sail into renewal together. Let us clear away what we are to the gentle breeze with faith in our strength to surrender to what we could become. Happy Full Moon in Libra.

To yourself be kind,


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