Today is my favorite day.


Pooh: “Christopher Robin, what day is it?”

Christopher Robin: “It's today Pooh.”

Pooh: “Today is my favorite day. Tomorrow is too much day for me.”

Today is my day. Today is my favorite day. Today and every day is my day and I enjoy it!

And that, is how I greet my every today. What do you do with your today? Did you speak sweeter? Did you become the friend you would like to have? Did you give forgiveness you were denying? Did you expand your awareness to include all the goodness and beauty in and around you? Did you show you care? Did you share? Did you play? Did you have the courage to love? Did you love your people deeper? Did you nurture and listen to them?

Fortune favors the bold. Did you dare to take a chance on a heart-centered risk? Did you take that leap of faith?

The story of your life is an orbit of energy transitioning simultaneously in time and space and all of it is happening for you and your loved ones. Let the stirrings of your heart, your deepest emotions, be a cause of celebration. The highs and lows of your human essence is evidence you are alive, live it in awe and gratitude of your conscious mortality. Inhale and exhale every bit of it. Today, truly love and really live.

For all the things I am thankful for, let it be for all my todays. Thank you God, Source of Universal Love. I love you.

In Merry, Enchantment, and Eternal Love,


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