… I’m so happy you’re here.

- [your heart]


Live love yourself and your goodness will inspire all your loved ones.
— [Paramahansa Yogananda]


The only constant is Change [Heraclitus]


To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
— [Ralph Waldo Emerson]


Nature never repeats herself, and the possibilities of one human soul will never be found in another. [Elizabeth Cady Stanton]


We come across inspirational imprints as we go about our daily lives and sometimes our wires can get crossed as we try to comprehend and apply this into the relationships we have with ourselves and with the ones we live and love. No one has to change for us to feel love because we ourselves are love. We are not here to force change because change itself is constant with its own natural flowing cycle. There is nothing to change or improve in our energy. We are not here to try to awaken others; some souls come to Earth simply to experience life merely to enjoy worldly pleasures.

But if you are here reading this message, You, your love came to this Earth to use the God-given energy you already possess to assist, benefit, and contribute your part in social responsibility to human welfare and the planet. We are here as shepherds to those in need and as stewards of the natural world - of Mother Earth and her creatures. We are here as co-creators of Creation itself - to be free in every moment, letting everything gestate into its own being in complete awareness of our higher self and in balance with the contrasting energies all around us. Our role is to challenge our perception, to see another's perspective by letting everyone be as they are in every stage of their life, each playing a part, teaching valuable lessons, transitioning and transforming based on personal rhythms of turning points and cycles. We are here to be human, to be ourselves - recovering and healing our innocence, awakening to our truth in every stage of personal growth in order to remember that we are not separate from God, our Source, the Cosmic Heart of All That Is. We are here to embrace one another's varying growing pains of love, joy, loss, and heartache as we engage in the rollercoaster ride of humanity. The whole universe shines through each of us, and it is our personal choice to be who we are, to love who we are, and to love all that exists with all its individual processes at different levels and speeds of consciousness. "Change" or "Gestating" through "Transformational Awakening" is about knowing our true self by shedding old forms of external conditionings. The sooner you can quiet the small thoughts you have about yourself, the sooner you can break free to chrysalize the New in you - the new you living in awareness of your authentic individual nature. Our true nature is a divinely perfect creation, a divinely "unique" whole union of polarities between masculine and feminine energies, light, and shadows within ourselves from being to being. The best time is the time you are free from casting shadows, to be you, to love being you, and to love living the best you living an authentic life.

This labyrinth of life is an arduous journey where we ultimately shape the wonders of our landscape through the thoughts and decisions we make, the determination and dedication we take, and by the company we keep along the way.  In bliss, I sincerely reveal the stunning vast vistas of my heart - with all its soft musical slopes and deep cavernous valleys - imparting uplifting gifts and wisdom through the work I do as a bridge to the Divine, a living breathing channel of higher cosmic energy. Catering to my inner curiosities, I step face-to-face with fear, pushing beyond it for love. Little by little I have chipped away at every corner, crashing down the tower of broken mirrors to reveal and release the cold armor that once hid the torn edges and fragmented pieces of me. I have come to know the pain, at peace with the letting go and surrendering of my self-emptying, in harmony with every trying circumstance that was necessary to propel me forward into new directions. The nightmares, melancholy, and tears were whispers flowing from my heart, asking me to remember that I am not limited by past or future thinking, that I have what it takes to revise how I see myself and be open to fresh insights to how I see the world around me. The tenderness of my soul has grown from the unending waves of heartbreak it has continually endured. Now I wholeheartedly see every experience as a holy encounter, open to new paths, welcoming all the foreign elements into my life, and loving all that I had once feared.  No more holding back my love, the fruit is ripe to share my inner riches, to share myself in reckless childlike bliss. I show my heart to the world, the full expression of my soul’s essence.

Present only in the moment, I worry not about the details, understanding that any mistakes along the way are only lessons to help me grow wiser from the experiences. I choose to act and learn rather than do nothing at all. Yes, I choose to show up for life, to let inspiration illuminate all parts of me as I design and build a liberated future, shifting my state of being from past fears into unconditional love, liberating myself into the streaming flow of the Universe, anchoring into Her orbiting light of consciousness, trusting She navigates me towards the vision wrapped nestled within this vessel. I breathe in Her life, expanding forward with action and purpose knowing there is nothing to fear and no place too dark, for every footstep illuminates a constant reminder that I am the Light. I have the power to transform, overcome, and heal with my highest will the fully saturated development of my authenticity. With this gift, I am ready to courageously venture whimsy; to root away weeds of fear, doubt, and worry; to welcome the connections of my freak flock lovers and haters - the teachers that flow challenges into my day-to-day outlook, helping me to see that I am teachable beyond perceptions, and that beneath all the pain, the heart of all connections is LOVE. Neither my genes nor my mind decide anything, only does the freedom of my heart. My heart steps me fully in the course of my dreams and with every breath of soul-fiyah, I will my vision towards me.

I shall not descend; no, I shall not descend. I release, fly, and soar to Spirit as the light eagle of the sun and as the night eagle of the moon. I ascend and ascend - ascending to novum heights regardless of those that wish to see me fall. I open my heart, let love enter, and with these hands claim my birthright. I build upon the words and wisdom of the greats by sculpting the change I wish to see through me, leading the love I wish to inspire, and celebrating the delightful flavors of the world I wish for all to savor. I move my body with this love, honoring you and the company of the ancients, strumming mantras of my heart's soul seeds into Divine Mother's hands, peacefully present as She cosmically weaves, tending to a foundation built upon my lotus dreams.

Thank you for letting your beautiful consciousness manifest into this world, letting yourself be a human-BEing. And thank you for keeping me company in this journey; your presence makes this adventure so much sweeter! Let us enjoy what is here right now, letting what is meant-to-be, BE. Trusting Life takes us where life needs to go. Remember who you are and remember, “All is Love”, everything is going to be alright. I honor the divine in You, loving you for you. Infinite Blessings and Pure Love always, in all ways to You and Yours. Aah Seh Nai, Aum, Peace, Amen. Aho and So it is. So be it and so mote it be. Jai Guru. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

In Heart Bliss Service,

Novum LL

*bangs brass gong*