“Whatever makes your heart bliss…


…just say, “YES!” to that.”

- [LOVE]


Love is not a transaction. Love is a beautiful thing that happens within you. It may find expression outside, but it is something that can happen only within. Love is an experience for you.
— [Sadguru]

““Love never gives up, never loses faith, always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.”

- [1 Corinthians 13:7]

Remembering the best and the worst humanity has to offer helps keep me in check and allows me to find compassion for what we are all capable of. When I see fellow neighbors behave poorly, may I return the focus to my life and within this awareness, may this reminder grant a renewal in a commitment to be a more conscious loving being. 

Let me only see love through my eyes. Let me see myself and others through the eyes of the angels, with unconditional love and acceptance. Let the love I carry within mine reignite love in others. Let me joyfully serve solely to inspire, to lift the world, and to champion Your vital causes. Keep me swimming in Your constant stream of bliss that feeds me everything I need. Keep my loving gaze on service in every situation and in all I do. Steady my entire presence, let me stay in this stream of giving and receiving without concerns of what I will receive or of how others will receive me. Give me the words that builds love both in the world and in myself. Let me be an excellent communicator instrumental to the state of harmony between all encounters and experiences. And though I may not always have confidence in myself, may my confidence in You be enough.

I see the future in your eyes and I'm swept away in bliss. Love, let the first thing that prospers be inside of me and as I go deep living life from my truth within, may this innate beauty manifest outward. Buoy my faith upon white clouds of wings, let my voice be Your heart and Your eyes be the love that sees the pouring wake of life's mystery.

In Heart Bliss Service,

Novum LL

Live love yourself and your goodness will inspire all your loved ones.
— [Paramahansa Yogananda]


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