“cuz gurrrl (or boy)…

you earned it.”


I listen to the wisdom
of my body.

Do something today that your
future self will thank you for.

Life loves me. I deserve all the goodness in life.

This is a GOOD-GOOD Life! Welcome to being dedicated to your well’being’ and thank you for letting me be a part of the way to your health! Do you notice how WONDERFUL life can be when you approach each day with an attitude of love towards your whole self (and maybe a little corniness to round the corners of life a smidge)? Do you also notice how your body is a perfect messenger? Our bodies are designed to feel our way through the world. Are you listening to your body? It tells you everything you need to keep it at its peak and it tells you when it’s not so peaky. Is that a word? Anyway. I am here to help translate your body’s message over to you in a way you can understand as you develop or refine your own inner ding to tune in to those messages. Basically, I am here to help you keep your body feeling all spiffy-like. Trust you are in good ‘hands’. #becausepuns

Smiling’s my favorite, so smile!

Novum LL

Receive 15% Savings on 60-90 Minute Relaxation Swedish Massage. Must present promotion certificate.


“I decide today with an attitude of love to nourish myself and my body with kindness.”


Life’s wiggly. Delight yourself in a relaxing body and soul getaway with a twist. It’s not a panda massage, but it’s definitely a treat. A gentle Swedish with an Ayurvedic integrated flow awaits you!


Are you a New Client?

Life loves you new person. And, while I like to keep things all light and fluffy, we need to move through formalities.

You get it right? G-O-O-D.

Prior to your initial bodywork with Novum LL Bliss, please note, I am available by referral only and maintain the right to refuse service. To know where to find me and have access to booking online or via phone you need to know me or a doctor that knows me or a person that knows me or maybe got your hands on a marketing thingamabob of mine.

Savvy? Cool.

Kindly fill out the following form with your reference included to let me know a little about you and any health conditions I should be aware of to help in meeting your needs.

Filling out this form before your first visit allows me to review any concerns or conditions to plan for your goals and treatment as a whole. And, more time saved on ‘neck tie’ stuff means more massage. Win-Win!


“Dear Body, I love you. I see you. I accept you. I promise to cherish you all the days of my life.”

-[Heather Waxman]

$65 for 60 Minutes | $90 for 90 minutes

Swedish Relaxation Massage

A blend of traditional Swedish with Ayurvedic flowing rhythmic style movements. Hot towels to soothe tired feet is included with 90 minutes session.

$75 for 60 minutes | $105 for 90 minutes

Deep Swedish Massage

A therapeutic massage with deeper, slower techniques on the areas most in need

$15 | Adds 10 minutes to regular service

Foot Ritual, Additional Service

A wonderful add-on to any massage treatment for tired, stressed feet. Your feet are scrubbed with a volcanic peppermint scrub, then a mud masque is applied and your feet are cocooned in hot towels. After the masque is removed, organic Foot Restoration Butter is massaged in, leaving your feet refreshed and renewed and helps reduce fatigue and soreness and improves circulation to your feet.

$15 for 15 minutes | $30 for 30 Minutes

Onsite Chair Massage or Sports Events

Are you a business looking for a Licensed Massage Therapist for your Occupational Therapy Aide needs or would like to host an onsite chair or sports massage event? If you already have access to my contact info, and would like to collaborate on an event, please get in touch with me for details.

Low cost | By Donation | Children Receive Complimentary service

Reiki Clinic for Mothers and Children

For the Givers, the nurturers who nurture our children, you are very loved and appreciated. The unconditional love to your work as a guardian that ensures Life’s continuum is greatly valued and I am happy to be of service to you.

$85 for 60 minutes | $120 for 90 Minutes

Body Insight Method, Corrective Bodywork

A clinically guided method and healing plan that incorporates Integrative Neuromuscular Therapy with a Swedish Style Massage to simultaneously induce relaxation, reset muscles, and realign fibers. A wonderful complementary wellness regimen for patients receiving Chiropractic Work that will support in holding an adjustment and for active fitness gurus or athletes looking for proactive solutions to maintain their standards of performance.

$75 for 60 minutes | $105 for 90 minutes

Prenatal Massage

A thoroughly relaxing experience during this special time, customized for your specific needs throughout your pregnancy.

$75 for 60 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

Muscle-warming and relaxing hot stones are used to release muscular tension in conjunction with therapeutic massage techniques. It’s grounding and uh, it just feels good.

20% OFF | 30% Off (BI Method Only)

Wellness Pack

Glad you asked. You did ask right? Because Life loves you, I am making it easy for you to commit to Being Well - cuz that’s importante.

Members receive 20% off a package of any Six, 60 or 90 minute session of the same massage modality. As a Member, you will also receive a 20% discount off any additional service should you desire to receive more than one Bodywork session each month; membership for the BI Method receives a 30% savings package on the service, including all other services. Members are responsible for payment for first service in advance and in addition to a deposit of equal value. Membership requires automatic billing every month, on the same time each month for the next following five months. This means as a Member, your credit card will be on file and charged accordingly depending on the package of your choice. After six completed sessions, you will receive your deposit back or you may choose to keep going and let it rollover to continue membership, or you have the option to invest your deposit towards a Bodywork Session and closeout your membership. Prior to purchase please confirm what modality and length of session you are committed to and if for some reason you cannot make your appointment for the month, your session can rollover to the next month, but your card on file will still be processed as agreed. As a Member, you also have the option to pass your session on to a family member on file (this option excludes the Corrective Bodywork BI Method and any family member under the age of consent where a supervised adult must be present for any service received). Contact for the goody.

$137 *Available exclusively to private Practice Clients*

Single Abhyanga Hot Oil Massage

Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic rhythmic massage therapy originating from India that is helpful in restoring balance of the Doshas; enhancing well-being and longevity. It is a method aided by using warm oils specific to a person's Dosha or Prakruti (unique genetic code). The massage itself is started with you seated, then face up, face down, then with one last round of you face up. This service is provided in my private practice on the Champlain Islands to vetted local clients.

What is Body Insight Method?

With commitment, over time, you can have your body work for you and with you by redirecting and changing old programming that has weakened the state of your muscles through repeated patterns caused by day to day activities. Our bodies are designed for dynamic movement, the more predictable your movements become, the more ‘stuck’ they become in a repeated action. Repeated actions causes a dysfunction in the natural operation of your muscles which have inevitably become a part of your body’s muscle memory. BI Method reduces and can alleviate chronic pain and tension substantially by resetting a recognized disorganized pattern and reorganizing muscles to its intended function and optimum state of performance. I will gently be with you every step of the way in your process of achieving recovery as you discover the renewed ability to re-enter a more balanced body-mind state. You can choose up to 2-3 focused areas at a time to release muscle tension, reduce pain, increase range of motion and movement utilizing corrective Body Insight Method.

This is an interactive specialized protocol customized to your body where I will assess your anatomical imbalances through postural analysis and equip you with tools to get you where you want and deserve to be. An in depth session of 90 minutes is recommended as it ensures your body receives the attention it needs and allows for the time to offer you PNF Stretches and Muscle strengthening skills to maintain your functional goal. An additional foot service with warm towels and a blend of aromatic oils is included with a 90 minute session to ground the energy invested in your path to healing; both 60 and 90 minutes sessions include warm moist heat application as an extra service. I truly believe in this method which is why I take the extra step to cater to your senses and have also created a discounted Massage Wellness Package that is great paired together to ensure you can commit to being fully present to yourself… because you deserve to ‘Be’.


Novum LL Bliss, a Heart Based Service. Where Clients become Friends. From my Heart Bliss, to Yours.