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$65 for 60 Minutes / $90 for 90 minutes

Swedish Relaxation Massage

A traditional Swedish-based massage, with integration of the most effective bodywork techniques.



$75 for 60 minutes / $105 for 90 minutes

Deep Swedish Massage

A therapeutic massage with deeper, slower techniques on the areas most in need.


$137 *Available only by referral*

Single Abhyanga Hot Oil Massage

Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic rhythmic massage therapy originating from India that is helpful in restoring balance of the Doshas; enhancing well-being and longevity. It is a method aided by using warm oils specific to a person's Dosha or Prakruti (unique genetic code). The massage itself is started with you seated, then face up, face down, then with one last round of you face up.



$75 for 60 minutes

Prenatal Massage - 60 minutes

A thoroughly relaxing experience during this special time, customized for your specific needs throughout your pregnancy.



$75 for 60 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

Muscle-warming and relaxing hot stones are used to release muscular tension in conjunction with therapeutic massage techniques.



Corrective Bodywork - 60 minutes

Deep tissue massage with 2-3 focused areas utilizing corrective Body Insight Method. Release muscle tension, reduce pain, increase movement/range of motion.



Foot Ritual - add-on service

A wonderful add-on to any massage treatment for tired, stressed feet. Your feet are scrubbed with a volcanic peppermint scrub, then a mud masque is applied and your feet are cocooned in hot towels. After the masque is removed, organic Foot Restoration Butter is massaged in, leaving your feet refreshed and renewed and helps reduce fatigue and soreness and improves circulation to your feet.

20% OFF

Massage Wellness Package

20% off a package of any six 60-minute sessions of the same Massage modality purchased in advance. Contact us directly for more info.